6 Helpful Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Helpful Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence

We live in a modern world where we heavily rely on artificial intelligence. Yet, very often, we take these blessings in disguise for granted. Why? We are surrounded by them and have grown up looking at these tools and machines as a part of our daily life. It’s time to acknowledge them! In this article you will know Helpful Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence.

Text Editors or Autocorrect

Who doesn’t send out texts these days? It’s an essential requirement of communication. Some of us are more comfortable talking on messages and typing them out to express feelings instead of calls. But, even you’re a call person, and the Texts are just an example of ai in everyday life because we can’t live without them any longer. Imagine the slight panicky feeling you go through when a text message doesn’t go through. Yup, it is not very good and proves how technology has become a part of your life.

Autocorrect is so crucial when we text. When you type in a hurry, you will inevitably make mistakes in terms of grammar and spelling. If you’re sending out a professional text to your boss or a client, there is no margin for error. Spare us the embarrassment! Sometimes students work on essays using their phones too when their laptops break and think I will write my essay today on my phone, making autocorrect a savior!

These algorithms use machine learning and natural language processing to check the correct language usage. The system then provides suggestions in several writing mediums like texts, word processors, etc. computer scientists and linguists invest a great deal of their precious time teaching machines grammar and high-quality language data to make sure even a tiny mistake like a comma is on the watch.

Maps and Navigation

Traveling is a delightful experience. But when you are lost, confused, and stress kicks in, it turns from a joy to an ordeal rapid. Here is a modern example of AI that makes travel more accessible tenfold. You don’t have to carry printed maps around any longer. After all, all hell can break loose if you misplace these maps. Apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Google website itself are readily available on your phones using the internet. All you need to do is type in your destination, and the journey becomes a piece of cake

Maps and Navigation
Maps and Navigation

Maps and easier navigation are some of the finest artificial intelligence products. You might be wondering how the app works how does it know the shortest, fastest, and easiest ways in town. Above all, how does it save you from traffic congestions? Let’s look into it!

  • Ai in daily life when it comes to navigation relies heavily on satellites, but now modern tools give a more pleasing experience to users.
  • Machine learning enables the algorithm to remember the edges of different buildings that it has come across and learned.
  • It provides a better visual of the app.
  • Moreover, it also learns about the house and building numbers and has been taught to recognize and understand the traffic changes to avoid sending users to blocked roads.

Facial Detection and Recognition

A list of ai examples in real life remains incomplete without discussing facial recognition. It caused quite an uproar when mobile phones, machines, and security checks were able to recognize the faces of the owner and grant access! It was a dream a few years ago, becoming our reality.

There are efficient virtual filters that play a vital role in the process. These filters are used on our faces when we click pictures and differently when we unlock our phones. That way, the algorithm can recognize all human faces, and facial detection can grant access to a specific human face.

AI in Security
AI in Security

Such examples of artificial intelligence take the burden of remembering passwords off your shoulders. You don’t even have to type in a passcode. All you have to do is lift your phone, and it unlocks!

Food and Shopping Sites

Let’s move on with more artificial intelligence technology examples, including food and shopping sites. Thanks to shopping sites, we all have the comfort of ordering food online and virtually buying the best items for our personal use. You might have noticed that you receive catchy and quirky notifications from food sites often around the time of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. What happens is that every time you order, the software keeps track of it and then learns the most frequent times you might crave delicious treats. These ai examples also keep track of the food and items you like and provide similar suggestions!

Similarly, shopping websites monitor weather, time, patterns of purchase, and festivals that are making their way on the calendar. With the help of this, the software sends out messages about discount offers to lure you in for sales.

Search Engine Recommendation Algorithms

Every bit of information we want is now at our fingertips, thanks to search engines. In the olden days, people had to research by going to libraries, conducting interviews, viewing reports, etc. Now, all we have to do is type in a sentence or a keyword, and we have millions of results to enhance our knowledge and help with research. Furthermore, famous examples of ai include search engine recommendation algorithms because they have changed lives.

These engines learn your behavior and keep track of your frequent searches. The data collected is analyzed and stored as time goes on to provide relevant suggestions and search results. Now you know why they’re so relevant! As a result, they can readily predict your preferences. Wow! Such wonders machine learning has created over time.

Smart Speakers

Examples of ai in everyday life also include intelligent speakers. Yup, you can voice your command, and they will follow. These speakers function on Bluetooth, and machine learning has enabled them to listen to and remember your orders. Home automation, digital interaction, and entertainment are some of their benefits. They are based on the idea of natural language learning processing to make sure you can enjoy your favorite songs without having to get up. Not only that, it efficiently operates on other commands too. Gone are the days when speakers needed a wire to function, and you would have to get up and turn the volume up or down. It’s all automatic now, thanks to these digital tools you have!

Now you might be feeling a bit more grateful about AI tools that have turned your life around. Imagine living a day without these algorithms, and you will cry your eyes out! These are some frequently used AI tools that have become a routine. Look for more to enhance your knowledge!

These are the Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence. I hope you have liked this article. If  you have any query then you can contact us for more help.

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