Why IDE Shortcuts are important in Data Science ? : 4 Reasons

IDE Shortcuts are important

I am pretty sure you have invested a lot of time in finding the best IDE for data science and other development. I have also seen people choose the best IDE but use only 20 percent or less feature of it. See today’s IDE are not only capable of code compile and debug but single IDE’s can perform all of the task pip-line of implementation from coding to unit testing or integration testing phase. We use a different tool for each stage/phase just because we are not aware of them. This article will address you on the question Why IDE Shortcuts are important in Data Science?

How to choose the best IDE?

We have explicitly created a different article to address this question. Here are the article Best Python ides for data science. This will explore all variety of python IDEs with complete SWOT analysis. You are requested to choose any one out of it for further development.

Factors which affect the performance(coder’s efficiency ) in IDEs –

There could be so many factors which may affect the developer/data scientist efficiency while development. So he or she should invest some time to explore and understand the functionality provided by the IDEs on them . Especially the shortcuts, UI features, etc. Below are the factors –

1. Code Refactoring shortcuts –

See we all have to refactor code in day to day life. If your IDE is full of such refactoring feature, It will be really easy for you to develop code in rapid flow. Otherwise manual refactoring percentage is higher then There will be a lot of time loss during this work. Now a days these code refactoring feature is getting AI oriented. Hence in later, We may see so many IDEs which can refactor your code automatically .There could be some shortcuts related to it which can also save lot of time for you . All you need to explore them .

2. Code Versioning and related shortcuts-

You must be handy on the commands and shortcuts related to code commit internally from your IDEs . Because you may have to commit code many times in day . This will save a lot of time on a per-day basis .For example I am using Pycharm IDE and I commit my code very easily internally to my remote repository.

3. Variable Explorer –

As you know debugging is the soul of programming in any IDEs. There must be some way to see the variable values while debugging. In some case, while dealing with big size variable like data frame there will a separate UI to see the variable values ( Refer Spider IDEs). You need to be handy on the command related to this variable explorer and related functionalities. These IDE Shortcuts are important as well.

4. Others –

There is a very big list of these factors and components. Hence listing them separately is not possible as above. So we have taken into same bracket “others”. Let’s discuss a few of them like searching, package explorer, server addition, etc. All of the repeated task which needs to be done by the developer every day. If you know the shortcuts related to them it will big time saver for you here. This is why IDE Shortcut is important.


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