What is Machine Learning and its Types ?

What is Machine Learning

Lets go 15 year back , When mobile phone were very rare. You might have seen ,only high class people were using Internet . World is changing very fast. Technology change is very rapid in this time . Now mobile phones and Internet are available in every pocket. Even in Movies like Terminator , We see the Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  . Now machines have their own intelligence . Machine can learn and think also. You must be thinking how machine can learn? .  I understand your curiosity to know what is machine learning. If you read this article , You will get  the answer of what is machine learning and how machine think?.

But , before going deep in Machine Learning  , let’s feel the presence of machine learning around us . I think  shopping online will be one of  your favorite  topic. Especially if you are a girl reader. Right! just kidding . Suppose you are looking to purchase a mobile phone at amazon, You added that to your cart or wishlist. After that started searching something on internet . You find and open a blog , Oh my God the ad is coming on this website is same as your wishlist product. How this magic is possible?

I have tried to put all such queries and their  Interesting answers with detail explanations in this article. So  After reading this Article you will be knowing.

  1. What is machine learning?
  2. Example of products where ML is used.
  3. Type of Machine Learning.

What is machine learning?

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It is a field of study to develop a program that can learn from data and the environment . The Machine  Learning programs auto-increase their accuracy with their own experiences.

For Example in weather prediction, If you build the predictor with any machine learning algorithm. If you used the past 30-year data as a training data set. At current you predict the temperature using decision tree implementation. You will find some predicted values. Now you check your expected outcome with a real outcome. Finally, calculate your accuracy. Now you add feedback of output to existed data set. If you continue your prediction over time, Your data set will increase. Let’s see, if you go for prediction after 5 years you must have the data of 35 years. It must give a more accurate response than earlier.

Machine Learning is the magic of 21 st century. I am sure after reading the above paragraph, You must have understood what is machine learning.

Example of a product where ML is used

Truly telling when I started writing about it , I was too confuse  because every other product is machine learning enable these days. Let me guess your favorite one, Of course we can not ignore Facebook. In today’s  You must have seen so many social media platform . Feature of recommendation system  is in trend everywhere . Like Suggestion of ” Friends you may know ”  and “Page you may like ” is also suggestive .


Let me explain how the Auto recommendation based on machine learning and data science works!. When  You Search somebody on Social Media Platform, It creates a node and update your Interest and Psychology  based on their profile . Suppose you searched  some body from any particular organization , After few days You again search someone from the same organization . Machine will learn and update that organization in your cluster . Now onward it will process your friend list .  If some of your friend search any body else from that organization  Then Machine will conclude based on its learning that you may also know that person .This is how these stuff works . I have taken a very simple example to explain you  Guys but Facebook  and other social platform must be having different complex algorithms.


Type of Machine Learning

Don’t worry I am not going to make this article boring for guys .See , There can be more criteria on which we can classify ML . We tried to cover most of them . Lets see –

There are three way to classify ML  –

  1. Batch Machine_learning Vs Online Machine_Learning .
  2. Instance based Machine_Learning and Model based Machine_Learning .
  3. Supervised vs Unsupervised vs reinforcement Machine_Learning .

In order to know more on types of ML Read this article –Types of Machine Learning

Conclusion –

Machine_learning is different way of programming . In tradition way of programming we give the input and get output but in Machine learning  we give  the previous output along with the current input  and then get the output . So basic challenge in Machine Learning field is to design the feed back system and increase the accuracy of the model . Future of Machine learning is very bright. You can see the past and current trend of Machine learning searched on Google Trend. It is increasing trend. So you can understand how Machine learning will play an important role in future. There is a dedicated article for becoming data scientist .You can read this article for pursuing career as data scientist.

machine learning Explore Google Trends
Machine Learning Google Trend Graph

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