How to Get Pandas Column Name? 4 Best Method

How to Get Pandas Column Name

Dataframe makes data processing easy and fast. Well! in most of the scenarios, We have to play with the dataframe columns name. If you are also struggling and looking for How to get pandas column name? You are in the correct place. Here you will get a python program to display the column names.

Get Pandas Column Name from pandas dataframe-

There are so many ways to get column names from dataframe pandas. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that depends on the situation. In order to understand them Lets first create a dummy dataframe. We will see how with live coding examples.

import pandas as pd 
employee = {
'Name':['Ram', ' Sohan', 'Bob', 'Alica', 'Vanket'],
'Marks' :['27', '33', '26', '32', '54'],
'Earning':['100000', '500001', '300000', '170000', '100000000'],
'Location':['India', 'Pakistan', 'China', 'UK', 'America'],
'Rating':['4', '5', '1', '3', '1'] }
dataframe = pd.DataFrame(employee)


find columns dataframe dummy dataframe creation
Find columns dataframe dummy dataframe creation

Ways to get pandas column names from dataframe

1. Get Pandas columns names using keys() Method-

The below code will return the column name list. Here is the complete syntax.

list(dataframe .keys())


get df columns using keys()
get df columns using keys()

Here typecasting is necessary as keys() function return index objects. In order to convert this object to the list, We need to add it as an argument for the list() method.

2. Get Pandas column name using columns attribute-

To fetch columns in pandas you can also use Dot operator. After that, you have to Typecast the results into the list with columns attribute. Like below


Here dataframe.columns return index type object, hence need to be typecasted into the list object.

headers in pandas using columns attribute
Headers in pandas using columns attribute

3. Retrieve Pandas Column name using sorted() –

One of the easiest ways to get the column name is using the sorted() function. Below is the example for python to find the list of column names-

show column titles python using sorted function
Show column titles python using the sorted function

4. Get Pandas column name By iteration –

This is not the most recommended way to get the pandas column from the dataframe but It is the most familiar one. Using this technique you can easily print the python pandas columns header.

for columne_name in dataframe.columns: 
column name using iteration
Column name using iteration






I hope you must like this article. Keep reading and stay motivated.


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