Best Book to Learn Python for Data Science

Best Book to Learn Python for Data Science

I know, there are a lot of Internet resources on every Subject these days. Data science is not an exception. Even DataScienceLearner is also such kind of platform where we help to learn Data Science online. There is one thing that always comes in my mind. Is it possible to replace a good book? Can we totally depend on Online Resources? I do not think so. I also believe You are also thinking in the same direction Right? That is why You are looking for the Best book to learn Python for Data Science.

Best Book to Learn Python for Data Science

In this article, I will mention the best book to learn Python for Data Science. Anyways before we go forward, I have a few questions for you –

  1. Why Do you choose Python for Data Science?
  2. Do you have a basic understanding of Data Science and Machine learning?

If you still have any doubt First invest 3-4 minutes on reading the article Why Python is best for Data science and for the basic understanding of Data science go for Basics of Machine Learning and Data Science.

Best book to learn Python for Data Science-

There are so many wonderful books on learning Python For Data Science. I will list the Top 5 best book to learn Python for Data Science. Get the details about them here. We have mentioned the Unique Selling Point of each book. You can choose any of them based on Their USP (Unique Selling Point ) and your requirement.

1.Building Machine Learning Systems with Python –

If you are a beginner with Python and Machine Learning both. It is just a gift for you. You can learn from ground to sky in machine learning with this book. There is so many hands-on codes in Python as an example for you. I mean if you follow this book, You can easily become a Data Scientist in just one month. If I talk about the language complexity in this book, It’s too easy to understand.

Special Features-

More making learning more Interesting and Practical. Authors Integrated different Application areas like Sentimental Analysis, Image Processing with the context of the respective Algorithm. For Example, First, they discuss any particular Algorithm with a short coding example. These coding examples will be easier to make your hand dirty with the topic. Once you gain some confidence over the particular topic /Algorithms, You will get an Application Scenario/Use case example. I think this is the best way to learn Machine learning.

2. Mastering Python For Data Science –

Mastering Python For Data Science ” is also one of the best books for them who want to drill down the concept of Data Structure Libraries in Python. See, It is true ” You can not build any accurate and High Performing Machine learning model without having a deep understanding of Data Structure and Algorithms “. This book has more coverage in this area.

Special Features –

  1. Best Content on NumPy and Pandas. These two are basic Python Libraries for Data Science. If you know Pandas, You will not have to worry about data set handling in Python.
  2. Zero to Hero Approach. I mean the author not only focuses on basics but also covers the advanced topic in quite a detail like Recommendation System etc.
  3. You will also learn to work with Big Data Technologies in this Book.


3. Introduction to Machine Learning with Python –

This book covers SciKit In brief. Hey ! do not worry, I will introduce SciKit with you. It is one of the most Powerful Python Libraries available for Machine Learning. Using SciKit, It is very easy to build and Cross validate Machine Learning Models. So if you read this book, You can easily build and run your machine learning model. Not only SciKit but it also covers all basics concepts related to Machine Learning using Python. If you want to do any NLP or text mining based project, This book will give you a solid foundation. I will strongly recommend this book in that case.

Special Features –

  1. Deep Explanation of Machine learning with SciKit Library with Python.
  2. Hands-on example for Text Processing in Pythons. It will make you an expert with Text Mining as well.


4. Python Machine Learning –

The Best part of this book is its Structuring. Each and every topic is completely in order. This book is very useful for them who wants to excel in predictive and recommendation based system.  One thing I can never ignore about this book is that the Author Taught us the way to choose the best Algorithms for any particular problem. I mean usually, I have seen that Author claimed directly about the best way of solving any particular problem in his way.

Special Features –

1. Topic Structuring and flow of teaching Machine Learning are awesome.

2. Good for those who love to read comprehensive topics.



5. Advanced Machine Learning in Python –

If you look at advanced applications like FaceBook, These are not only classical Machine Learning based but they are influenced by new research technologies. This book has a good description of such Kinds of Algorithms. It is best for learning deep learning modules and related algorithms. I will recommend this book if you really have Interest in neural networks and deep learning. In my view, I found Deep learning as the most interesting topic in machine learning. Go for it once –

Special Features –

  1. It is the best book to learn python for Deep Learning.
  2. Beautiful description of cutting-edge technologies like NLP.



If you are also looking for the best book for learning python only as a programming language. apart from this if want to choose the best laptop for data science. Here is the best description of the best laptop for data scientists.

End Notes-

I hope this article will work for you. I mean choosing a book without any guidance is really a headache. Especially when you are looking for the best book to learn python for data science because this is quite a specialized topic.  I have experienced that nothing can replace a good book.  These books are quite practical, If you are a new or Intermediate level data science learner, Reading a complete book will give you expertise.

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Data Science Learner Team

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