How to Fix Python Exception Error

You may get the exception error when you try to execute the Python program in Python. It stops the normal flow of the program and raises an exception object.

An Exception can be caused for many reasons, most of which are ModuleNotFoundError, ImportError, AssertionError, ValueError etc. The Python interpreter tries to handle the error if the matching exception is found. And if it is not, it terminates the execution and prints the exception message.

How to Fix Python Exception Error

You can use the try-except block to handle the error. You will place the exception code in the try block to continue the flow of the program.

Below is the Solution for most of the exception errors.


TypeError Page

TypeError Python Exception

Typeerror Python Exception Typeerror Python Exception occurs mainly in two cases broadly. 1. When we invoke any function from the object of any class which is not defined in the class. 2. When we try to assign some object to any kind of incompatible type object.

ImportError Page

ImportError Python Exception

There are two root causes for importerror in python. The First is the absence of the respective python module and the second is the incorrect path configuration.

ModulenotfoundError Python Exception

Modulenotfounderror no module named X  error occurs if respective module [X] is either not installed or its path is not set properly. Here [X] can be any python module like Flask, Pandas, etc. Typically we fix this error by installing or reinstalling the package.

AttributeError Home Page

AttributeError Python Exception

AttributeError in python is caused by the scenario where we want to access any attribute from any python class which is no more a member ( method or variable ).

ValueError Python Exception

ValueError Python Exception occurs while assigning incorrect or non compatible type of object into some object. To make it simple suppose you want to unpack any sequence of length of size three but the placeholder that we are keeping only two to hold then value then the interpreter will throw ValueErrors in Python.

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