Attributeerror: bytes object has no attribute read ( Solved )

Attributeerror: bytes object has no attribute read error occurs when we invoke the “.read()” function from the byte of the object in the place of the file object. In python .read() function returns the byte in the form of a string from the file type of the object. In this article, We will replicate this issue with examples and explore the best fixes.

Attributeerror: bytes object has no attribute read ( Analysis) –

The best way to fix this issue is to check the object type. If it is not of file object then we should avoid this function. Let’s understand with the example.

Replication Scenario ( Analysis ) –

Let’s create a byte type of object and apply the .read() function. It will trough the same error.

Attributeerror bytes object has no attribute read
Attributeerror bytes object has no attribute read error replication

Here we have converted a string object into byte type and then apply the same function. That is why it is troughing the same error.

Solution  1: Converting byte to str and write in file –

It is simple as we have already seen that the byte object is not supporting the read() function. But we convert the same into str and then write it into a file. This approach works well when we do not want to change the existing code.

str_sample = b"Data Science Learner"
f= open("sample.txt","w+")

Solution  2: Change in Invoking function –

Sometimes we use the function which ultimately returns the byte type of the object. We need to change the code base and convert it into the shape where it returns the file type of object. Here is an example of the same.

jsonResponse = json.loads(response.decode('utf-8'))


jsonResponse = json.load(response)

The key point is either change the object to a file object and then apply the read() or avoid the read() function to get rid of this error.

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