Attributeerror module umap has no attribute umap ( Solved )

Attributeerror module umap has no attribute umap ( Solved )

Attributeerror module umap has no attribute umap error occurs because of using incorrect module umap in the place of umap-learn before importing umap. Well, it is a very obvious and confusing error. In fact, that is why this error is trending in tech communities. Now let’s explore the solution for this error.

Attributeerror module umap has no attribute umap ( Solution )

It is pretty straightforward forward we need to uninstall the current umap module and install the umap-learn module then change the import statement. To make it simpler I will break the complete process into steps.

Step 1: Installing umap-learn –

I will use the pip package manager to install umap-learn. Here is the command for this.

pip uninstall umap
pip install umap-learn

The above command will install the latest version for umap-learn . You can also specify the version with the same command.

If you want to use conda package manager to install umap-learn package. You can also use the below command but make sure both paths for conda and pip is properly configured.

conda install -c conda-forge umap-learn

Step 2: Changing the Import Statement –

Since the underline package is changed now. We need to adjust the import statement accordingly.

import umap.umap_ as umap

This UMAP-LEARN package provides an interface for dimensional reduction. This provides dimension visualization similar to t-sne library. It also provides visualization for nonlinear dimensionality.

Attributeerror module umap has no attribute umap
Attributeerror module umap has no attribute umap


The Generic Solution for All attributeerror is either we use the wrong base module with an outside attribute or change the import statement. You will find solutions differently but the concept will always be the same. It will change differently with different packages but the base command with the package will remain unchanged. Mostly this incompatibility type of attributeerror occurs in releases.

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