Importerror: cannot import name ‘delayed’ ( Solved )

Importerror_ cannot import name 'delayed' (Solved )

Importerror: cannot import name ‘delayed’ error occurs mainly because of sklearn.utils package or delayed python package standalone. In this article, we will understand the root cause of the error in both scenarios. Also, we will explore the easiest ways to fix them.

Importerror: cannot import name ‘delayed’ ( Root Cause ) –

Let’s first consider the scenario with sklearn.utils package –

Scenario 1: sklearn.utils package –

from ..utils._mask import _get_mask
from ..utils.validation import _deprecate_positional_args
from ..utils.fixes import delayed
from ..utils.fixes import sp_version, parse_version

This ..utils.fixes package has no module delayed package.


Scenario 2: missing module delayed –

If the python delayed package is missing in the system, Then also get the same error. Please check out the below error –

importerror no module named delayed
importerror no module named delayed


Importerror: cannot import name ‘delayed’ ( Solution ) –

The easiest way to fix this error is to install the delayed package.

Solution 1: Installing delayed package-

Firstly, we can use the pip command to install the delayed package. Here is the command to do the same-

pip install delayed
pip install delayed
pip install delayed


Solution 2: Restarting the Kernal –

Secondly, This will help if we install multiple python packages using requirements.txt. After the same, If we run the code, it will give the incompatibility between the installed version of modules. But restarting will fix the issue for us.


Additional Detail about Delayed Package-

Actually, the delayed package is really useful with Redis server. It helps in creating tasks asynchronously. Actually, the delayed package has a queue module. Here is some code example with the same-

import redis
from delayed.queue import Queue
from delayed.worker import ForkedWorker
conn = redis.Redis()
queue = Queue(name='default', conn=conn)
worker = ForkedWorker(queue=queue)

Since It is compatible with the Redis server. Hence it is a core component with distributed computing Task Management too. Here is the official documentation for delayed python module.

delayed package
delayed package
from delayed.delay import delayed 

Even after installing the delayed package. Sometimes the above statement causes issues. Do not worry about the same, Double check if you are running the code in the same command prompt. Please close and retry the same. This error will not come again. Here restarting also helps for the same.



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