How to Install Scikit Learn in Pycharm ? Only 5 Steps

Install Scikit Learn in Pycharm

Scikit Learn is the popular python library for building a machine learning model. Its features are classification, regression, and clustering algorithms. You can use it for data preprocessing, Hot encoding, and many things using it. I have seen that new programmers who want to learn machine learning are unable to install Scikit learn properly. In this tutorial of “How to,” you will learn how to install Scikit Learn in Pycharm? You have to just follow the simple steps for easy installation.

How to Check Scikit Learn is Installed or not?

If you write import sklearn you will see the underline with red color. It means that you have not installed scikit learn in Pycharm. Below are the steps you have to follow for a successful installation. The other way to check it is to run the code and you will get the import error No Module Named sklean found. It means you have not installed sci-kit learn in your system.

import sklearn error

Steps to Install Scikit Learn in Pycharm

In this section, you will know all the steps to install scikit learn in pycharm. Just follow all the steps properly and you are easily able to install sci-kit learn.

Step 1: Go to File and Click on the Setting.

Step 2:  There you will see the Project: your_project_name. Click on it and then project an interpreter.

project interpreter window

Step 3: You will see all the list of installed packages in the current project. There you will not see scikit learn packages. You have to search and install it.

Step 4: Click on the + icon right side of the step3 window and type scikit learn in the search window. When you get the scikit-learn package select it and click on install packages. It will successfully install the packages.

Make sure to check the package URL for the originality of sci-kit learn.

search scikit learn

Step 5: If you are getting error like the below then the final step is to install the sklearn using the terminal.

scikit learn installation error

Step 6:  Go the terminal of the Pycharm and use the pip command to install the scikit learn.

pip install scikit-learn

If you are using python 3. xx version then use the pip3 command to install scikit-learn.

It will successfully install the scikit- learn package in Pycharm.

install scikit-learn using pip

How to test Installation of Scikit Learn?

After the installation using the above steps To check whether scikit learn is installed or not. You can use the following code and run it.

import sklearn

check the version of the installed scikit learn

Other Questions Asked by the Readers

Question: I am getting no module named sklearn error. How to solve this issue?

To solve this import error problem you have to install the scikit-learn python module. You can follow the above steps if you are installing in your Pycharm. But if you want to install using pip then use the following command.

pip install -U scikit-learn

It will update the existing sklearn module if available or install it if it is not available.

For the python 3.xx version use pip3

pip3 install -U scikit-learn

Question: How to install scikit learn in Jupyter Notebook

If you want to install scikit-learn in Jupypter Notebook then you can install it using the pip command. You have to just prefix the! before the pip command.

You should note that all the bash commands in Jupyter Notebook can be run only when you add the ! prefix.  Let’s install scikit-learn in Jupyter Notebook.

Open your Jupyter Notebook and type the below command.

!pip3 install scikit-learn

It will be installed in your Notebook.

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