ImportError: No module named dash – Lets Fix it

ImportError_ No module named dash

The best solution of  ImportError: No module named dash error is “pip install dash” . I mean you may use any package manager.  Like pip, conda, etc are those package managers which we use to install python library or package. It is universal, I mean it is not specific to the dash module only.


ImportError: No module named dash (Solution ) –

Here is the list of solutions for the above importerror.

1. Using pip package manager, We can install the dash library. All you need to open the command prompt or terminal the below command.

ImportError No module named dash using pip
ImportError No module named dash using pip

One more important thing is that “!” is not useful when you run the same command on the local system ( cmd or terminal ). We have used it because we run the same command on Colab. Here at a collab, If you need to run anything on console/cmd/terminal you need to apply the “!”  before the command. Otherwise, the Interpreter will treat the command line statement as python code. That will throw an error for you.


2. If you are using Linux based OS, You may use this alternative –


sudo apt-get install python

sudo python -m pip install dash==version

Here the version is at the core compatibility.

3. You may also use the command –

sudo python -m pip install dash==version

What is Dash –

This is really useful for standalone data science visualization. You can also create an interactive dashboard without using HTML, CSS. This self-dependency makes it one of the best.

Option for Data Scientist. Especially it more adaptable in the POC stage.

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