Nameerror: name base is not defined ( Solved )

Nameerror name base is not defined

OpenAi Gym is an environment for developing and testing learning agents. Its main application is to test different applications using the reinforcement learning agent. If you are getting the nameerror: name base is not defined while using this OpenAi gym module then this post is for you.

In this entire tutorial, you will learn how to solve the issue of name base is not defined.

The root cause of the nameerror: name base is not defined Error

The main cause of the name base is not defined is that you must be using the basic commands of the Open Gym and some basic python modules will be missing. The error may come as the OpenAi Gym package requires some module and it may be not installe in your system.

import gym
env = gym.make("CartPole-v0")
obs = env.reset()


NameError: name 'base' is not defined

The solution of the name base is not define Error

There are many ways you can solve this error. Some solutions may work for your system or some may not work. Therefore I advise to check all the solutions before contacting us for help.

Solution 1:  Install the require modules

The first solution is to install the required libraries so that they work with the OpenAi Gym module. The modules are gym[box2d], pyvirtualdisplay, PyOpenGL, PyOpenGL-accelerate.

Use the below commands to install them.

For python 2.xx version

pip install gym[box2d]

pip install pyvirtualdisplay

pip install PyOpenGL

pip install PyOpenGL-accelerate

For python 3.xx version

pip3 install gym[box2d]

pip3 install pyvirtualdisplay

pip3 install PyOpenGL

pip3 install PyOpenGL-accelerate
Installing the missing modules
Installing the missing modules

Solution 2: Install the gym module from the Github

Sometimes installing a module using the pip command doesn’t work. In that case, you can install the module directly from Github. Run the below command to install the gym module.

git clone
cd gym
pip install -e .

Solution 3:  Install the module using Pandas anaconda

If none of the above solutions work then you have to first uninstall the existing gym module. After that again install it using the conda command, not the pip command.

Run the below command to install the gym module using the python anaconda.

Uninstall gym

pip uninstall gym

Install gym

conda install -c conda-forge gym


Most of cases the namerror occurs due to a missing module in your system. If you are using the OpenAi gym and getting the error nameerror: name base is not define then the above methods will solve the error. Even if the problem persists you can contact us for more help.


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