Best Book for Learning Python for Beginners to Advance Level Programmers

Best Book for Learning Python

Are you a Python learner ? Looking for Best Book for Learning  Python Right ! Choosing a “good Book” or any “learning Resources ” may depend upon your understanding about that Topic or Subject .I mean  If you are completely  beginner in Python or Programmer  , You need a book which mainly focus on Data Types , Operators and simple Programming examples . For a Intermediate level Python Programmer , A reference book is perfect . In Advance Python Programming you need to be specific about your working area . Usually Advance level book may also contain Python basics but their Majority content will cover the specialization Topic . For Example , If you read any Machine Learning book in Python , You will get its First two or three chapters on Python basics . Later on is completely for Machine learning Algorithms .

This article will help you in choosing you best book for Learning Python . We have tried to cover all our personal experiences while reading these books . All you need to go through them and choose best for you . In fact the best part of this article is you well get the suggestion at your understanding level . I mean we classified Python books on the basis of reader’s previous python understanding ( As we have above mentioned).

Python  With Easy Syntax and huge community support Python is always the first choice for Programmers . In Analytics , Python’s Libraries are  beyond compare . Where In other Programming Language , you need plenty amount of code to achieve some functionality , You can easily achieve in few lines with Python Programming  . Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning becomes to easy with Python Frameworks.

Best Book for Learning Python for Programming Beginner –

I have used the word Programming beginner because Here I need to address two type of categories of Python Learner  . First those who are completely new to programming world . Second those who are already know Programming just they want to explore python now . Here is the list you the book which you should try ,if you are one of them –

Python Crash Course :A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming

This is gives a handy approach to Python Beginner . It has two section . Its First Section will teach you all Python basics with practical  exercises .  Actually  you can only learn the things when you apply them some where . Yes ! I mean Projects . I know you must be thinking that If projects are important then Why should go for small exercises  . See , When you do small exercises you just creates dots  and In Project you just connect the dots . These connected dots become a line for your success in Programming . To make you best programmer in Python .

This second section will be more on small project . This section has three different projects .Its First project will  lead you in game development with python  . Second will make you an expert in Data Analysis with Python .The last project is a web development guide in python .  I really find this book very useful for beginner .

Learning Python

Completely dedicated for beginners . It covers all core python in very easy words . I love this book because It contains so many exercises and quizzes for self assessment . The book will cover the python language essentials primarily . Here Python language essentials means datatype , loop , functions which we usually  need in almost every program. After it , Book will cover the code organization best practices . In this section you will get the information about class and packages . Usually while writing bigger code , you must be aware about Exceptional Handling . So this book also cover Exception handling with Python in depth .’

Head First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Its completely true that our minds learns and understand fast with pictures . According to Cognitive Science and learning theory It is already proved that  ‘Rather than too much text if there is any image, It can explain anything very conveniently “. Now the question is “Do any book exist which can teach and explain programming in python  by using images and graphics ? ”

Obviously Head First Python can . This is also a major reason which make this book unique and popular for beginner. 

Python: For Beginners: A Crash Course Guide To Learn Python in 1 Week   

The unique selling  point for this book is ,” It is design it in a way that It will teach you python in just 7 days ” . Once you finish your 7 day of learning .you will be able to do some small  level projects on python . It has good readability .So you need not to stress your mind while reading this book .In very less time period of just seven days , It will start teaching  from setup download and end at “Class and object in Python”. 



I think if you are looking for best book for learning python as beginner , The above list is  enough . Along with it you may take udemy video courses for Python  in beginning as well . Lets move toward the next section where we will address the Intermediate level programmer in finding the best book for learning Python .

Best Book for Learning Python for Intermediate Programmer –

First of all , Lets understand what I mean with word Intermediate Programmer . Actually If you  know the basic programming in Python for example you can write small programs in python . All you need to a big level project to reach advance level of programming. Specially In big level project we need to become more concern about Code distribution and organization . Actually in such projects  , Proper organization of code is important because others developers may work with you on that .

In big project , we have to use debugging effectively . Well , If I summarize it  so these are the factors which a Intermediate Python Programmer  need to learn . Just for those programmer , Here I am listing some books which I found best for an Intermediate level programmer.

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python:

You can never skip Data structure and Algorithm in Programming . It does not matter that you are doing any web development project or any Data Science Project or any other projects .You must read Data Structures and Algorithms . This book covers  Data Structures and Algorithms in Python in depth . You always need example for what you read . Here in this book you will find the example by increasing level of difficulty. This increasing level gives you a great approach towards understanding. 

Python Cookbook

Along with Python core coverage this book covers  Network and web programming , concurrency and utility scripting in details. This book is also helpful even if you are beginner in Python .  Each topic contains code sample which you can manipulate and plugin into your Project . This book also covers C extension which I rarely get in others book . The way of content delivery for Python Programming is perfect .

Fluent Python

Although It is true that every Programming language has same skeleton  overlap . So when you are learning any new programming language , You just start searching your old pattern and Practices in new programming language .Same happens when any body switch from any other programming language into Python . Actually If you do in the same way ,You may miss most the unique features of Python . In this book the content is organized in such way that you will feel python very differently .The author has given tips to make your Python code smaller and more efficient by using concept like Functions as object and Meta programming etc .


Best Book for Learning Python for Advance Programmer –

Obviously the first quest comes into picture that ,”Who is an advance level Python Programmer?” . The answer is pretty simple . If your a python programmer who is capable of writing code for general project in efficient way . All you need to be proficient in some specific domain Like Data  Science or Game Programming etc . Here you need to understand different python framework for your domain . You need to understand what is best library for your purpose and how it works . So in this section I will just choose three top domain where Python is best Programming language . I will mention best book for learning python for that domain .

Best Book for learning python for web development –

Web development using python is quite easy and faster . There are so many popular web python framework like Django , web2py etc. So if you are looking for Best Book for learning python for web development, Find a list here –

1.Django RESTful Web Services: The easiest way to build Python RESTful APIs and web services with Django

2. Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python

Best Book for learning python for Game development ( Back end )-

Python is one of  champion tool and technology for game development . There are so many libraries which can make a game developer life too easy .Here I am going to list few books which may help you in game development .

  1. Beginning Python Games Development, Second Edition
  2. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Best Book for learning python for Data Science  –

We have already created an article for Machine Learning –  best book for learning python for data-science . If you want to explore yourself in data science. you must read this article .I have tried to put all good and bad sides of these book . It will help you to make better decision for you . Actually choosing correct  book is very important when you go deeper in data science field .Actually you have to see , Are you reading the latest version of the book . The reason is ” Data science is rapidly changing very fast . So the tool you are learning at present time may be outdated in next few days .This is why authors also keep updating their books .

Best Book for learning python for Internet Of Things  –

Internet of thing is one the growing technology edge . Thing are getting smarter with IoT . Observing the environment using sensors and make the appropriate actions are now possible with IoT  . If you want to play with RASPBERRY PI or similar Micro controller using python , Read the below mention book –

1.Internet of Things with Python

2.Raspberry Pi Sensors

Best Book for learning python for Script Writing, Automation and Web Scrapping –

Most of things are getting automated these days . Specially you may automate the common repeating stuffs which you daily perform . For example – scrapping any particular value from blogs or text file on daily bases . I mean there are several use cases ,lets understand one more for clarification . Suppose you need to manually fire few set of commands daily , You may write a simple python script to automate this . Python is one of the favorite scripting language for developers  . If you want to explore more on scripting with Python , Go and have look on these books –

1.Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners

2. Python Web Scraping Cookbook: Over 90 proven recipes to get you scraping with Python, microservices, Docker, and AWS ( This book is specific for web scrapping on the top of latest technologies like Docker and AWS).

Best Book for learning python for chatbot  development –

Chatbot is a cutting edge technology which you all know . It is immensely getting likes by users . Most of the huge support and consulting firm are getting automated by small chatbot or virtual assistance . This is game changer because the development and management cost for a chat bot is too lesser than a large employee team .This is why there are so many opportunity in chat bot development world for you .  If you want to understand the chatbot technology in depth , Here is general book on deep learning application which I found good to understand  –

Deep Learning with Applications Using Python: Chatbots and Face, Object, and Speech Recognition With TensorFlow and Keras

Frankly speaking I think video courses are concise and more informative because for their visuals for chatbot development . Here is the complete list of Best Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot Development Video Resources .

What we ( Data Science Learner) provide to their reader –

I have never said that we could replace a good book . Actually In book you get in depth detail content about overall topic . In the opposite side the blogs like us ( Data Science Learner )  provide you content on concrete topics . If we chain our content , It also give an compete tour on Python . All you need to read them serially .Specially when you are in hurry .

Fist of all you should take a basic overview on python and its use case . Once you read that you should install the python on your local and ready the python environment .To accomplish this step read –Python Installation Tutorial: A Step by Step Complete Guide . Now you need an IDE for start real python programming . We will also  assist you in choosing the best python IDE .After choosing the best article take an overview on Python basic syntax . Functions are also very important in Python . If you want to understand functions in python , We have an quick article where you can online run and debug the code .

You know very well that we at Data Science Learner are AI and machine learning focused team . So if you are interested in Data Science and Machine Learning , You should read our base article How to become Data Scientist . It will lead you towards various sub branches of this niches .

End Notes-

Reading from book is always one the best way to learn anything .Obviously Videos and blogs apart from books  are also in the list  . Specially In programming , I found most of the people prefer blogs because they get the direct code . All the need to copy from there and change as per their requirement .  Actually If you read the starting few pages of any programming book ,you must have find author mention the URLs for the repository of code . This URL contains all the code which author use as an example in the entire book .. You can never get the detail explanation such you get from book .

If you want to learn efficiently form the book never miss the starting pages of the book . Usually people ignore them and miss the silent features of the book .In the start of the book author usually gives the tips how to use this book in the better way .


So guys ! how did you find this article ? I think you have got your Best book for learning python . If you think we should add few more name in the list of best book for learning python , You may comment below .We at Data Science Learner  consistently writing articles for you .If you do not want to miss any of them , All you need to subscribe Data Science Learner .Our news letter covers both  tradition technology tutorial like Python and latest like chatbot and deep leaning framework . So It will keep you update with whats happening around in AI world .

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