Easiest way to Fix importerror in python ( All in One )

Easiest way to Fix importerror in Python

1.There are two root causes for importerror in python. The First is the absence of the respective python module and the second is the incorrect path configuration. In this article, we will understand this error in super detail. This article will create a base concept in your mind for generic ways to handle importerrors and modulenotfound error.

Importerror in python ( Generic Root Cause & Fix) –

Firstly, In this section, we will look at this error from a generic point of view. For example, the below code throws the same error. Since pyspark is not installed. Anyways let’s deep dive into the same with below mentioned solutions.

importerror in python
importerror in python


Solution 1:  Installing the missing python package –

Whenever you get such errors, check for the underline package. Try to install the same either by –

  • pip package manager
  • Conda Package Manager
  • Source code build
  • easy_install

There are many other ways which also install any python package but the above four are the easiest and most possible ways. In fact, I will suggest pip as the first priority for this.


Solution 2: Path configuration –

This is a less common scenario than the above one. Here we have the python package which is throwing the importerror and modulenotfound error. But either the path is not properly set or in the script we are doing the wrong relative import.  The best suggestion here is –

  • Using absolute path while importing 
  • Adding project root directory to python path 

Importerror attempted relative import with no known parent package

Specific Solution to Importerror and ModuleNotFoundErrors –

Secondly, let’s go and see Various Importerrors and ModuleNotFoundError with cause and Fix.

1. Installer & Architectural component Related Importerror –

In this portion, we will address some of those the python module which deals with the build, installation, and Architectural components.

1.importerror: no module named bootlocale ( Solved )

2.Importerror no module named kafka : Complete Fix

3.Importerror no module named sip : Tricks to Handle

4.importerror: no module named pathlib ( Solved )

5.importerror: no module named sipconfig ( Solved )

6.Importerror: dll load failed the specified module could not be found (Fix)

7.Importerror no module named appkit : How to fix it ?

8.Importerror no module named sysconfig : Get Solution Here

9.Importerror no module named setuptools : Step By Step Fix

10.Importerror No module named apt_pkg – Best ways to Fix

11.importerror no module named pxssh : Fix Steps

12.ImportError: No module named redis ( Stepwise Fix)

2. Machine Learning& Deep Learning with Visualization Importerrors  –

This section covers some of the AI/ML packages and associated import errors.

1.importerror: cannot import name ‘normalize’ from ‘keras.utils’

2.importerror: numba needs numpy 1.21 or less ( Get Solution )

3.importerror: cannot import name registermattype from cv2.cv2 (Fix It)

4.importerror: cannot import name ‘adam’ from ‘keras.optimizers’

5.Importerror: cannot import name ‘to_categorical’ from ‘keras.utils’ (Solved)

6.importerror: cannot import name get_config from tensorflow.python.eager.context

7.importerror: missing required dependencies [‘numpy’] ( Lets Fix )

8.How to resolve importerror no module named tensorflow error in python?

9.Importerror cannot import name texttospeech : Best Approach to Fix

10.Modulenotfounderror No Module Named ‘Matplotlib’ ImportError: Fix

11.Importerror No Module Named cv2 : How to Fix ?

12.ImportError: Could not find ‘nvcuda.dll’ TensorFlow : Step by Step Fix

13.Importerror no module named termcolor : How to Solve ?

14.ImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import [cv2, matplotlib, PyTorch, pyinstaller ]

15.modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘transformers’ ( Solved )

16. Importerror: cannot import name ‘safe_weights_name’ from ‘transformers.utils’

3. Web framework related importerror-

While developing web applications, we encounter some the below similar errors.

1.importerror: cannot import name soft_unicode from markupsafe (Solved)

2.importerror: cannot import name jsonfield from django_mysql.models

3importerror: cannot import name simplexmlrpcserver ( Lets fix )

4.Importerror no module named cms : Fast ways to Fix

5.Importerror no module named scrapy : Steps to Fix

6.Importerror: no module named requests – Lets Fix step by step

7.Importerror no module named flask : Know How to Fix ?

8.Importerror no module named unittest2 : Step By Step Fix

9.Importerror cannot import name ssl from urllib3 util ssl_ : Fix

4. Miscellaneous importerrors-

This part contains all miscellaneous errors for

1.Importerror: cannot import name ‘delayed’ ( Solved )

2.No module named tkinter : Remove this Importerror

3. importerror: cannot import name ‘config’ from ‘decouple’ ( Solved )

4.importerror: cannot import name ‘docevents’ from ‘botocore.docs.bcdoc’

5.Importerror no module named typing : Tricks to Fix

6.importerror no module named serial : Ways to Fix

7.Importerror no module named dbus : Steps to Resolve it

8.Importerror cannot import name qtwidgets : Methods to fix

9.Importerror cannot import name unrewindablebodyerror : Best Tricks to Fix

10.Importerror cannot import name mongoclient from pymongo : Resolve it

11.Importerror no module named mysqldb : Cause and Fix

12.importerror no module named crypto cipher : Get the Solution

13.Importerror no module named simple_salesforce : Tricks to Fix

Please bookmark this article, as we keep on adding similar importerrors and their fixes in the same place.
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