Learn Statistics for Data Science In Easy Ways

Complete Road Map to Learn Statistics for Data Science In Easy Ways

Hello Friends ! I know its little confusing for a data science beginner to start with statistics .Actually Statistics is very big area . statistics is also very important because probability and statistics are the basic foundation for data science  . As it is big area to learn hence you can not read every thing at once . So you need to priorities .  Mostly people stuck in finding the priority here . To help them out this article is a Complete Road Map to Learn Statistics for Data Science .

This article will lead you in finding the essential part in statistics . If you go through these topics most probably , you will not stuck anywhere in data science .To make your life easy we have also mentioned the best and relevant study materials with topics .  Although when we talk about statistics , we can not ignore probability . So  we  have already created an article for –

Complete Road Map to Learn Probability  for Data Science

this will give an complete overview of probability essential in data science .

Essential topics to  Learn Statistics  for Data Science-

Here are some topics where you should first focus . In fact these are statistics essential for data science . Lets go through them –

  1. Descriptive Statistics and its Fundamental.
  2. Central Tendency and measuring methods.
  3. Distributions ( Normal Distribution is must )
  4.   Estimators and Estimate
  5. Confidence Interval
  6. Regression and its type .
  7. Hypothesis Testing .

How to start learning Statistics for Data Science-

Here you have to follow the same steps as we have done in learning probability for data science  . Actually its a good way to learn anything when the things are too large like statistics and probability.

Step 1 :

As I have advised in the probability learning road map . In the same way, You have to start with the basics. Trust me people ignore it because they found most of the part they already know . Actually in our school Statistical comes as default syllabus. In order to be handy on advanced statistics, you need to understand  the basics first.

To achieve this , either you can go through with academic book again or you may try some basic udemy video course .

Step 2 :

At this level I always advice to take some video courses .Actually they will give  you complete walk through of it . All you need to complete the assignment with them . It really help to understand the concept completely .Here I am list very interesting and informative video courses . You may go through them .

1.Statistics for the Data Science and Business Analysis-

You will get the similar course as we have in our road map to Learn Statistics for Data Science . I love this video tutorial because it covers everything which we require .Apart from it if we talk about the complete flow of the course its Awesome .

Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis Udemy.png

2. Statistics for Business Analytics –

This course also fulfill what we require at this stage . The best part is ,  this course is specially design for business analytics .

Statistics for Business Analytics A Z™ Udemy

Step 3 :

At this stage , You should first choose a good book . Now I will recommend you to read only those areas on which you are going to currently working . As you already created the good background in second stage . Hence you need to dig only those area which are align to your work area .  Here is the book which I think you should prefer for Statistics for Data Science .

1. The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction, Second Edition (Springer Series in Statistics)


2. Think Stats

Both books are awesome to read statistics for data science in detail.  All topics are smoothly explained.

Conclusion –

This article gives you a direction for efficiently learning statistics for data science. You know, its a proven method for learning anything faster . These three step will make your life easy in dealing with Statistics for Data Science. Anyways Its time to ask you !  How did you find the flow of any article ?

Please comment your thoughts on the flow for learning  Statistics for Data Science . If you think , you can suggest some better way of learning Statistics for Data Science . You are most welcome . You may contact us .

Last but not the least ,  If you love to read complex tutorials of data science in easy words . Please subscribe us .

Thank You 

Data Science Learner Team .

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