Best Machine Learning Programming Language for Data Science : 2020

Best Machine Learning Programming Language for Data Science

21 century , Best time for Data Scientist . Information Technology is every where . If you want to find restaurant near you , Google is going to help you . If you are searching washroom around you , Google is again here . So what is the next generation Technology trend ? You know the answer that is Machine Learning . In fact , In the current time there are software for all most every sector . The pain area is every software is not intelligent . It can not learn . We can not train them .Only few are intelligent like Google robot . So people are trending to migrate their Non Intelligent platform to an Intelligent one . For this developers are looking for Best Machine Learning Programming Language .

My Question is to you “Are you also One of them ?” . If yes then join this conversation . This article contains enough information to select you the best machine learning Programming language for you dream application .If you want to explore more on Basics of Machine learning , Our article What is Machine Learning can help you in better way .

Best Machine Learning Programming Language for Data Science-

When you play with the data , You must need a programming language . When it comes to select the best programming language . There are so many factor which comes to picture –
1. How easy are the Syntax .
2. Community Support on that language .
3. Documentation of API available
4. Performance of the programming language .

We have tried to map all these factors to each popular machine learning language and prepare a overview for you . Lets look into that –

1. Python  –

Python is a multipurpose , High performance language . Most of the developer are migrating into python .Their Migration is itself a proof of up tend of python . Python as a machine learning language is always a attraction point for discussion in communities of data science . If you are active in any data science forum you can also experience this . Python comes with great Tool suite . From ANACONDA data science plateform to basic level interpreter , Python is very rich . If you want to take 5 minutes overview in python , You may refer our article Essentials of python in 5 minutes  . This article may give a brief over view on python .

Machine Learning Programming Language -python
Machine Learning Programming Language -python

2. R –

You can use R when you want to go more on Statistical Approach and graph analysis . Great community support is plus with R as a platform and Machine Learning Language . If we consider software tool suite for developer ease , R is one the best . R studio comes with awesome features and high compatibility with Lot of market plugins .

Machine Learning Programming Language -R
Machine Learning Programming Language -R

3. Julia –

I know the name above were most well known . Julia is new . But Julia is not only latest among them but it is really faster . Julia is dynamically typed as python . It is syntax friendly . It is quite compatible with other programming language .

Machine Learning Programming Language -Julia
Machine Learning Programming Language -Julia

4. Matlab /Octave-

When there will be machine learning , Featured Matrix is automatically available . As you also know MATLAB is best to deal in MATRIX . Even if you are beginner , I believe MATLAB is going to be the easiest platform for you to start with . If you want to explore MATLAB as  Machine Learning Language and need a tutorial for help . No need to search more here you can get Andrew Ng  video lecture on Machine Learning with MATLAB. This is  of the best resource available for your search .


5. Java –

I need not to introduce java . Java is one of the biggest name in the field of Information Technology . I personally love to write code in java but Here is a different context . We are looking java as Machine Learning Language . When it comes to take consideration  into a programming language performance comes first . Java family is rich of frameworks which make application faster and light weighted . Java has Weka and MAHOUT Machine learning  Library .

Hadoop  is a java framework . Most of the machine learning application is on big data . this is also a cause of popularity of java as an machine learning language .


C & C++  as Programming Language –

Do you know Python and many other are built on C . C is one the the fastest programming language . Its quite close to Machine language . The only reason is to put it behind that its syntax are little hard .

Machine Learning for Non Programmer –

If some body is a non-programmer and wants to learn Machine Learning . I have good news for them . They can use WEKA GUI .  Here everything related to Machine Learning is available. You can provide parameter and tune the machine learning model. See I do not mean that you can customize any machine learning model without knowing programming language but you can achieve 80 % access to what is generally required in Machine learning .

Conclusion –

Every Application is different , You should choose you programming language which suits to you application with their functional and non functional requirements .

If you ask me , At my personal level I recommend to go with python . Even I have migrated my self from Java to Python .If you want to explore more on Python capability , We have a article Python for Data Analysis . Just go through it . For me , I love python because of its library for machine learning .

If you like this article do not forget to comment your views below . Data Science Learner as Team love your comment .If you think that You need to be updated with such updates on Machine Learning and Data science , Do not forget to subscribe us .

Data Science Learner  Team

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