How to Use Pytest in Pycharm ?

How to Use Pytest in Pycharm

Data Scientist Programmers deal with many functions. They create and refactor various functions for performing fast computations. Even if you are a normal programmer you have to refactor the code from time to time. I can definitely say most of you work on the Pycharm. For the best refactoring, you have to use the test cases. and refactoring the code. Thus to set up and use testing in Pycharm is a major problem. Therefore In this tutorial on “How to,” you will know how to use Pytest in Pycharm and configure it.

What is Pytest?

Pytest is one of the popular testing frameworks for testing or writing the test codes for the database, API e.t.c. It has many advantages over other testing modules. Like it has very simple and easy syntax, can automatically detect tests, run tests in Parallel e.t.c. I am going into detail about Pytest. Here I will only tell you how to configure and use Pytest in Pycharm.

How to use Pytest in Pycharm?

In this section, you will learn step by step to configure and use Pytest in Pycharm.

Step 1: Create a New Virtual Python Interpreter

One of the best practices in Python is to create a Virtual Environment for every new project. It is done to get rid of any conflicts. I am assuming that you have already installed the Python 3.xx version for this tutorial. Open your command prompt and type the following command

python -m venv pytest-tutorial

It will create a virtual environment pytest-tutorial for you

Step 2: Activate the Virtual Environment

Use the following command to activate the above-created environment pytest-tutorial. You will see the output like this

Step 3: Install the Pytest

Install the Python Pytest Module using the below command and pytest command to check pytest is properly installed or not.

pip3 install pytest

Step 4: Create or Open an existing Project.

For this tutorial, I am creating a new project and selecting the above created virtual environment. Name your project and click on Project Interpreter and select the above pytest-tutorial environment.

modify the base intrepretor for the python
modify the base interpreter for the python

Step 5: Create a Simple Python Test file

In this step, I will first create a simple python test file and run this to test. But before running you have to first add configuration for the Python testing. Click on the add configuration and click on the plus site and select Python Tests>>pytest and add the required field. For example, in Name, I am putting Unit test and in target select the path. After that run the test and see if it failed or pass. If it is showing then you have properly configured the pytest in Pycharm.


def test_AssertTrue():
    assert False


def test_AssertTrue():
    assert True

assert true simple unit test

That’s all you have successfully configured the pytest in Pycharm.

Other Questions

Pycharm pytest not working

If you are unable to use pytest or getting errors like No module named pytest. Then you have to properly set the environment variable for the pytest. If it even not solved the issue then you have to properly install the Pytest package. You can do so by using the pip command.

pip3 install -U pytest

If you have python 2.xx version then use pip instead of pip3 in the above command. After the installation, all the errors will be solved. Even it is not solved then you can contact us.

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