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Data Science is already in full swing . Lots of libraries and their proper documentation is big advantage for every data scientist . As you know , Every coin has two phases . So if there are advantages then there must be disadvantages . Every data science project is consist of so many libraries . The pain area for every data scientist is to install every API one by one . If there is any update , we have to manually track it . This consumes lot of time in setting up the machines . Python Anaconda Packages comes as a solution for all these pain area . There will be single download of Python anaconda packages . This will work as One solution for all Data Science Problem . Anaconda is open source Data Science Platform . Conda is a package manager under this .

This article contains all essentials information about Python Anaconda Packages . Hey , One thing I forgot to mention . Before starting if are having doubt like What is Machine Learning and why we use it ? If there are so many alternative as programming language , Why should we choose python ? Okay ! if I choose python how to learn it ?

In that case , Do not worry , We are here with some fundamental article for basic under on data science . you can use above links for reaching to them .

How to Download Python Anaconda packages –

The first task before staring machine learning with ANACONDA is to download and install it . Here is the link for download and install Anaconda .Once you have the set up you can install it by clicking next . Make sure you have to select the check box which will ask you to auto set environment variable and system path in you local machine .If you do it , You will not have to externally add system path for python and anaconda. Hey congratulation on your set up .

I know you are thinking , What else to do in setting up machine further   ? Man ! you are done, its really completed . Your expressions are realizing me the power of Python anaconda packages . Easy to set up and easy to use Right!

Anaconda Silent features  –

1. IDEs with Anaconda-

There is again a surprise  for you  . You need not to separate install IDE for Anaconda . ANACONDA  packages itself contain a IDE name SPYDER ( Scientific Python Development Environment) . SPYDER is interactive tool for testing , debugging  and editing for python script  .If you want to explore more on SPYDER , You need not to go anywhere just start SPYDER from console go to help section . You will find what you want .

I think this section of the article , is full of surprise for you . If you love any other IDE like Eclipse or you want to write code on sublime text . You can integrate it with Python Anaconda Packages  .I think you  want to learn more about IDEs Integration . I will recommend you to refer Anaconda IDEs Integration details .

anaconda python packages integration with ide
anaconda python packages integration with IDEs

This documentation will help you to answer all queries related to Integration of Anaconda with your favorite IDE. Apart from this ,  There are so many cloud platform like AWS ( Amazon Web Services) , Microsoft Azure also allow you to integrate Anaconda with them .

Well if you  want to learn more about Best Python IDE for data scientist , Please refer this article .

2.Interactive Computation with IPython-

IPython is famous by the name of Jupyter Notebook these days .This gives you a freedom to write text between your code . Anaconda  python packages by default contains it . Just go and launch IPython , After launching it, do not close the command prompt because it will work as a server . In few version, Ipython itself open a client tab on the default browser .In rest versions , The command window will give you an address with port  . Just copy in browser and start coding and computation with Ipython .Anyways you can refer official website for IPython for more details .

python anaconda packages with IPython
python anaconda packages with IPython

3.Lighter Anaconda Package Manager –

In case , You do not have too much space or having less time to install complete Anaconda package .Which is a complete bundle , In this situation Miniconda will be the best for you. Miniconda is a lighter version of Anaconda .

Miniconda comes only with python and conda (Default Package Manager of Anaconda) where Anaconda has several other packages . You can install these packages from outside as per requirement .

4. Others Python Anaconda Packages –

If you guys are doing any data science project in python . You must need NumPy Library and SciPy Library for numerical computation . For plotting your data , you will also need MatPlotLib library in python .How can we forget Pandas for data structure handling . Here you can get more details on python machine learning libraries  .

Finally , We have  Python Anaconda Packages  in which we need not to install these packages separately , One Anaconda for all solutions .

5. Feel the Magic of Anaconda with R and Scala –

If you are R programmer or Scala Developer  and love to code with  Anaconda packages , You can also access it . If I say Scala , I directly or indirectly touch java  .  Different communities have different view on Python Vs R for data science . It is a open ended question .As per my opinion ” IT IS PROJECT BASED” ,Frankly speaking , there are so many factors to effect this decision , By the way I have more experience on coding with python . So I usually go with python . Specially in the case of Machine Learning , Your platform /language selection is most important . Here are some tips to choose best machine learning language .

Usually people get some confusing conception in pip and conda package manager . If you want to understand the difference between pip python package manager and conda package manager , Please read this .

End Notes –

Till Now , I have told only advantages . Lets have some discussion on its dis-advantages . Suppose you want to update a single package , You have to update whole repository . This will consume lot of time . This is one the major dis-advantage I personally find . If you want to dig more information about command related to package management in Anaconda you can go through Managing Packages with Anaconda .

I think , this article will help you understand the basics of Python Anaconda Packages .If you find this article helpful and you want to stay in touch with Data Science updates  . Please subscribe us . We love to make informative article for you . You can also add your views in comment box .

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