An overview of Most Popular Deep Learning Framework : TensorFlow

Popular Deep Learning Framework TensorFlow

Deep Learning is changing the Technology world , In fact Technology people are getting crazy about it these days . If you look at  the biggest IT firm like Facebook  , Google , Microsoft all are targeting to achieve excellence in Deep Learning . Even the magic behind  Google Brain is Deep Learning  . If you are software professional or  technology lover please note it ” Machine learning is eating software industry and Deep learning is eating Machine Learning ” . Before we go proceed , I think we should explore  Google trend on Deep learning .This will enforce you to invest your five  minutes in this article . This article covers a seed  ground to Deep Learning Framework : TensorFlow .

Deep Learning Framework Trend
Deep Learning Framework Trend

Before we explore any Deep learning framework .If you need to brush up your basics in machine Learning go for the article What is machine learning ? Apart from it , you should also  explore the difference between Deep Learning an Machine Learning for better understanding of deep learning framework  .

What is TensorFlow – 

An open source Deep learning frame work which is distributive in nature . You can run Tensor Flow on multiple platforms like Mac , Windows and Linux . TensorFlow support multiple GPU/CPU architecture . This architecture can distribute the training of neural network into various server or node . Hence it support high performance AI based products.

Deep Learning Framework TensorFlow
Deep Learning Framework TensorFlow

I know you are still searching for the answer why  TensorFlow is considered  among other deep learning framework . Be patience read the complete article , It will give you amazing facts towards TensorFlow .

Reason to choose TensorFlow as Deep Learning Framework-

1.Cloud services for TensorFlow-

Tensorflow is powered by Google Deep Learning Cloud .See Google cloud services are not limited to TensorFlow only but It has specific support for Deep leaning framework TensorFlow .

Google cloud services for TensorFlow
Google cloud services for TensorFlow

2. TensorBoard

It comes as a default part of TensorFlow . It is a Data visualization tool which gives us the features of drawing learning curves and computation graph . As you know that computation and training related to deep neural network  becomes complex and massive . In this situation using a data visualization tool make easier to traverse and explore the code .

Deep learning Framework - TensorBoard
Deep learning Framework – TensorBoard

Machine Learning Gradient descent –

TensorFlow is such a powerful deep learning framework which provide the feature of Automatic differentiating . I think , You have not understood it Right !

See every machine learning algorithm comes with an optimization algorithms inbuilt with it . Hence gradient descent is a kind of machine learning optimization algorithms which can easily club with other . TensorFlow auto take care of gradient of function which minimize the cost of function.

High performance API  –

TensorFlow is combination of multiple High performance API . Here I will mention only  Top two  , just It is an introductory article .First is TF-Slim which is a helping hand in trimming the data set . Second is TFlearn which provide Higher level API support to TensorFlow  . This TFlearn helps in understanding and using of deep neural network easy .

Magnificent Architecture –

TensorFlow has a magnificent architecture . Actually it has an independent core ,named TensorFlow core  which provides hard control over model . That is the reason why machine learning researchers user TensorFlow core . Apart from it , TensorFlow support high level of API like tf.estimator which helps in managing data set . These high level API automates various repeated task , This make developer life easier .

C++ in TensorFlow core –

You must have listened that TensorFlow is leader in the term of speed . Even , In this article we have discussed it earlier . Are you excited to know about the reason ?

Well the core of TensorFlow use C++ . This make it fast . Even you can also implement your own ML operation in C++ and Integrate that in TensorFlow .

Python as a development language –

I think every one of us is Familiar of python . Anyways I will not go in depth for python in this article , In the place of that I will recommend you to have a quick view on the article Python for Data Analysis a Complete overview . This article will help you in understanding the use of python here . Apart from it , If you need to quickly brush up your Python skill , Please read the article Learn Python Essential in 5 minutes . This articles will make you remember of Python Syntax quickly  when you read these two article , You will be fan of Python Programming Language .

Power of Hadoop with TensorFlow –

Running TensorFlow on Hadoop is itself an adventure . Of course , In a single introductory article we can not discuss every thing . So I will give a informative link which best explains how to use TensorFlow on Hadoop framework . You can also learn setting up multiple cluster of server for TensorFlow here .

Community Support for TensorFlow –

The people behind TensorFlow is the team who developed Google Brain . In my view , Nothing more is required for discussion on founder team of TensorFlow .It is an open source and you can reach out TensorFlow on Git . You can also reach out many solution over Stackoverflow. So many data scientist use Quora for discussion . Feel free to ask your doubt in this type of community .You will get the solution soon .

End Notes-

I hope you must have enjoyed this article. The aim of this article is to give a overview on TensorFlow . TensorFlow is not only a deep learning framework but it is also useful in complex mathematics computation . I have heard physics scholar also use TensorFlow a lot . It’s distributive architecture makes it scalable , High performing and customized Deep learning Platform .

In our next article ,” How to setup your machine for TensorFlow”  , We will assist you in making your machine ready with TensorFlow .I promise ,If you follow this complete blog series ( I mean next few articles ), You will have strong hands on TensorFlow in very less time  . Anyways ,Do write your feed back about this article . Your comments and feed back help us to identify the gap between our article and your learning requirements . Once we understand the gap , We will fill that asap .

Data Science Learner Team

Overview of TensorFlow
Overview of TensorFlow

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