Qlik Sense Tutorial : A Complete Overview for Beginners

Qlik Sense Tutorial

Before we Start Let me ask you a question. Are you looking for the best data visualization tool in the market? Are you Interested in Qlik Sense? I think you want to Learn the Basics of Qlik Sense. So This Article is completely made for you. Here you will get a complete overview of Qlik Sense for working end to end. In this Qlik Sense Tutorial, We have mentioned each and every important aspect related to Data Visualization with  Qlik Sense.


1. Why use Qlik Sense –

Before we go deep to answer this question. I will ask a question to you, “Do you know about the best data visualization tools? “I think you should first take a look at the basics of data visualization tools. Qlik sense is also one of the best data visualization tools. Data Analyst loves Qlik Senses because of its Drag and drops feature. It is designed in the way that users at any level can use this. I mean Manager, Analyst, Developer even an end-user can use Qlik Sense to make decisions.

2. Qlik sense Tutorial-


If you need to learn Qlik Sense, the First thing you have to do is download the desktop version of Qlik Sense. When you go for download you have to fill a registration form and go for email verification. Install the set up of the Qlik Sense Desktop. It’s really simple just like to install the setup of the ordinary application. Congratulation on your setup.

2.1 How is This Qlik Sense Tutorial Different from others?

In this Qlik Sense tutorial, My main focus area is to describe the flow of visualization end to end. I mean from Qlik server to your portal because you can easily get syntax and general lessons on Qlik Community.  So there is no need to copy that in new words. In case you want to explore more on Qlik Sense Tutorial, You may refer to Qlik sense official Tutorial.

2.2 Where can I use Qlik Sense?

Suppose you have a web Portal for school. In the Dash Board of the portal under parents log in, You want to show a chart of their child’s performance status in the past three months. Here you can use Qlik Sense, The only thing you have to do is to create a chart on qlik server and make the connection of your webserver to Qlik Sense Server. Now using the chart Id in Qlik Sense server, You can directly load the chart where ever you want.

2.3 Hierarchy of a Qlik Sense App-

Once you launch Qlik sense desktop app you get Qlik Sense Hub as It is shown in the below image. It contains all apps in qlik sense.

Qlik Sense Tutorial screen shot
Qlik Sense Tutorial screenshot

Now you can enter an existing App or create new using this screen by the above button. One you are Inside an App, You can create or view Qlik Sheets. Just have look in below screen-Qlik sense tutorial screen sheet

Here, You can see so many sheets like KPI Dash Board, Sales and Margins Analysis, etc. Let us go inside them. Let us zoom in KPI Dashboard. Here you can see so many charts. These are objects. They have their separate Ids which can be directly imported into web projects, especially in javascript files.

Qlik sense tutorial objects
Qlik sense tutorial objects

2.4 How to Create your own sheet in Qlik Sense-

Once you are logged into the Hub to create an app. Here is a step by step Qlik Sense dashboard tutorial.  You may load the data as per your requirement. Here there may be many options for you to load the data. You can load data in any formats like existing databases ( SQL based or NoSql Based ), Excel format, etc. After loading the data you can edit or delete the column which you don’t need.

1.Create a new sheet button

2.Press the edit button

3. Click on the chart Icon. Once you select the Icon the screen will like the below screenshot.

Qlik sense tutorial blank sheet
Qlik sense tutorial blank sheet

4. Drag and drop the type of chart as per your requirement.

5. Select the dimension and measure from your table. Take the reference from the below-attached screenshot –

Qlik sense tutorial add dimenshion
Qlik sense tutorial add dimension

6. Your chart object is ready. You may publish it. There is again a fundamental of the stream. Here you can give privileges to other users. They can only view your chart if you give permission.

2.5 Extension in Qlik Sense –

You can get a custom chart in Qlik sense which you can easily get on Git Hub. You can also create your own extension and import it on Qlik.

3. Qlik Sense Architecture   –

In order to understand the Qlik Sense Architecture, We have to understand two things one is Qlik Sense Architecture Component and the other is Qlik Sense Architecture Service.

3.1 Qlik Sense Architecture Component-

Actually there are four component in Qlik Sense Architecture-

3.1.1 Qlik Sense Clients

3.1.2 Qlik Sense Nodes

3.1.3 Qlik Sense Site

3.1.4 Qlik Sense Storage


3.2 Qlik Sense Architecture Service –

There are basically five pillars of Qlik Sense. Let’s understand one by one –

1.Qlik Sense Engine (QSE) –

All visualization comes from data and calculation behind it. Hence this module of Qlik Sense is responsible for calculation and logics in data.

2.Qlik Sense Proxy (QSP)-

License Management, session management, even load balancing comes under Qlik Sense Proxy.

3. Qlik Sense Repository (QSR) –

As the same suggests, Repository stores various configuration of Qlik Sense Application.

4.Qlik Sense Schedule (QSS)-

This is a concerning component of Qlik for scheduling various jobs like publishing charts, refreshing data, etc.

5.Qlik Sense Applications(QSF)-

Where we create charts, visualizations, etc.

4. Qlik Sense Editions-

Basically Qlik Sense comes with below varients.

4.1 Qlik Sense Desktop-

This comes free for usages. If you are a Qlik Sense Beginner. It’s a good option to start with.

4.2 Qlik Sense Cloud –

Well! As you know the cloud is today’s trend. Qlik also provides its cloud variant. Here you have two choices one is the basic version Qlik Sense cloud and the other is Business version Qlik Cloud. In Basic Version, you may create reports and visualization for free. You may also share with almost 5 different Qlik users as well.

4.3 Qlik Sense Enterprise –

As its name suggests, its Enterprise edition is for Enterprise.


5.Qlik Sense Alternative Products –


5.1 Qlik Sense Vs Qlikview-

Qlik sense is based on self mode analytics. On the opposite, We have to guide Qlikview for Analytics. See In Qlik Sense it can automatically create synthetic keys that can make a relationship. Along with it users also has the right to alter them.  You can go to the Tab Data load Editor. Here you will find the script. I found it similar to SQL. The below screen has an outlook for it. have a look –

qlik sense tutorial data load editor
qlik sense tutorial data load editor

I hope, This Qlik sense tutorial may help you to build your first app with Qlik sense. In case you want to certify yourself with Qlik sense. There is something positive for you, go for qlik sense certification.

Along with this, you should explore more on other skills required for a complete data scientist.  If you are looking for machine learning, go for Introduction to Machine Learning.

5.2 Tableau vs Qlik Sense –

I know you are waiting for it. One of the most popular questions is the Analytics world. It’s open-ended in most data science communities. In my view, As I have experienced Tableau is good to use especially its quite easy . Where I found Qlik sense more powerful BI Tool. If you look into Qlik sense features, Features are more in numbers as well as it can easily go for customization. In the end, I will simply say, I love Qlik’s sense. If you find this content Please do not forget to be our subscriber. In case, If you have any queries, please write to us. You can also comment on us.

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